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World-class drilling solutions for all types of projects!

we’ll help you locate and access your target goal

Get the job done efficiently

At Gyro Drilling, we have the perfect drilling solution for your project. For safe and powerful Auger, Aircore & Slimline RC drilling, you can count on our professional team to get the job done efficiently. Whether your operation is searching for gold, minerals or water, we’ll help you locate and access your target goal.


  • Dual GPS tracking

  • Geo chemistry mapping

  • Data logger

  • In-fill soil sampling

  • HCL Calcrete Sampling

  • Lease Pegging

  • Instant XRF field geochemistry

  • First Pass Exploration


  • 3 man drilling crew for safety compliance

  • Remote self-contained camping facilities

  • Air 900 CFM / 300 PSI with Hurricane Booster support

  • Drilling mast pull back: 8 tonne lifting capacity

  • Drilling to blade refusal +/- 150 meters aircore drilling

  • High quality uncontaminated surface sample

  • Drilling through deep paleochannels, overburden and transported cover to basement

  • Minimal ground disturbance: minimal clearing / minimal tracks to be established / no drill pads / no bag clean up / we traverse through and around heavy vegetation

  • Samples are collected & bagged with your sample ID and company name: per metre / composites & end-of-hole chip trays. Samples are safety stored, carried and delivered to lab

Count on our professional team

Call us on 0428 572 878 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.